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Thus, multiple sources of information must be used when investigating child abuse. Additionally, responses to these types of questions may be useful in determining whether interventions are successful and whether the condition is progressing positively or negatively over time. This finding places a responsibility on agencies outside of the justice system to consider all cases of reported abuse as serious warning signals and to make independent evaluations to identify risks and the possible need for child protection. Other viral and bacterial pathogens may also cause similar symptoms. In the following sections, we will discuss common types of airway dysfunction, conditions that may imitate it and various other conditions that may cause an athlete to present with a chief complaint of dyspnoea.

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In many cases mammalian cells are the only option to produce recombinant proteins with correct post-translational modifications, e.

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Zoller H, Vogel W. Reproducibility of the airway response to an exercise protocol standardized for intensity, duration, and inspired air conditions, in subjects with symptoms suggestive of asthma. EIB is commonly diagnosed in active individuals who report symptoms of dyspnoea, fatigue or inferior performance during exercise. The severe cases were compared to all the remaining cases. Prevalence of idiopathic scoliosis in chinese schoolchildren: It must be emphasised that exercise testing should be replicate the type and intensity of exercise in which symptoms take place.

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